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I’m BRad From The Valley. I will start by sharing my first bit of press by

Southern California rap musician BRad From The Valley has dropped his latest album Rap Music, out in December of last year. Born and raised in North Hollywood and Burbank, Brad began writing rap songs in 2005 after his stepfather was murdered when he tried to save a co-worker from a knife attack. While learning how to rap proficiently was challenging, Brad stuck with his new interest, and eventually introduced a co-worker to his music, who happened to be producing records of several prominent local acts. As Brad developed his music over the years, he has also introduced rock elements into his sound, creating a unique style. With influences ranging from Michael Jackson, The Beastie Boys, Tupac, and Eminem, and funky tracks such as “Sin City” and “Back to the Beach Again,” Southern California has a new artist that local music fans should not miss. In addition to Rap Music, Brad’s other full-length album is RIZL Mixtape, released in 2017.

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MC Hamer

Michael Jackson

The Fat Boys

Run Dmc

The Beastie Boys

Guns and Roses


Jimi Hendrix

Tribe Called Quest

The Fugees



Little Wayne

Van Halen (the David Lee Roth Days)

Van Halen  (with Sammy hagar aka Van Hagar)

Digital Underground

Def Jeff

DJ JAzzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince


2 live Crew



Pink Floyd

The Who



Muddy Waters

The Beatles (wasn’t a big beatles guy but heard em alot)

Led Zeppelin (had a sticker on my truck, window got smashed buy angry asians do to rock n roll sticker)

House of Pain

Tom Petty

Bob Marley

Tone Loc

Young MC

Stereo MC’s

C and C Music Factory (just there main dance hit)

Black Sheep

Delight (just the groove is in the house song)

Mili Vanili (the music was hot)

Mary J Blige

Boyz 2 Men

PM dawn

MC Lyte

Ja Rule

Wu Tang

Big Daddy Kane

The Westside Connection

Jesus Christ The Lord