My Triumph Bonneville

So at some point late in 2015 I decided I was going to get a motorcycle and bought a white Triumph Bonneville form a dealer used with low miles.  I used it in this video on a trip to the beach, filming from a Sjcam mounted on the bars.

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Promo Tweet draft

I’m BRad From The Valley. I make Rap Rock Music. I live in Los Angeles actually The Valley. My music is inspired By RunDMC, Rick Rubin, The Fat Boys, Wu Tang.

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Working on a new song and rehersal

Been rehearsing at my buddy Orlando Coffy’s place and making a new song. I have been listening to a classic Jam for a while and know I wanted to make a song on it but wasn’t sure how to approach it. Then I heard a little ditty a transition part and knew that would make a great loop so I put it in protools and got a tight loop that has a westcoast Dr. Dre feel to it. So I have been writing lyrics and thinking about baselines to add and other instruments to make it a song. On Sunday I spent times at Orlando Coffy’s house rehearsing for a tentative upcoming show.

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Promotions and marketing

I submitted my music to many indie radio stations via . I am keeping busy on twitter and have grown from 25 followers in January to 540 today. Many of the people I am connecting with are either Musicians or involved with Music Promotion. I had been loosing traction on YouTube but recently got a few new subs including famous surfer and vlogger Ben Gravy who put me back to 500. Music Interview Magazine gave me an excellent shoutout on Twitter saying that my music rocks!

I posted this quick freestyle verse on the weekend.

Working on new music and continuing to promote Rizl Mixtape

Thank you for supporting me.

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